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We are international
CATI experts.

For 25 years we have been designing and implementing CATI studies amongst the most demanding of audiences. Our specialist teams are skilled and credible at interviewing B2B, B2C, healthcare and Hard to Reach Audiences around the world. We are particularly well regarded for being able to interview C-suite and opinion formers effectively.

Most CATI interviewing is completed in-house from our central London unit. We have a strong international team comprising experienced indigenous interviewers with excellent English language skills. We are ISO 9001:2008 accredited and a UK MRS
Company Partner.

In some cases it is beneficial to employ one or more of our network of local partners based in Europe, Asia Pacific or the Americas; these partners work remotely on our centrally managed platform meaning our clients enjoy added local knowledge – and often reduced costs – but also benefit from our expert centralised management and quality control.

As with all our data collection, we take care of all aspects of the process. And our team of consultants is here to help and advise at each point in the project journey.