Groups & Recruitment
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First class insight generation from well recruited groups.

Focus groups are an excellent way of generating insight from the synergy of a well-managed discussion. We have been moderating (and organising) focus groups for more than twenty years. Our skilled moderators are experienced at managing and stimulating appropriate discussion amongst all kinds of consumers as well as senior business leaders.

We regularly use focus groups to help clients understand development matters, notably communications strategy, campaigns and executions and concept testing/refinement.

Because we understand that insight from focus groups is only as strong as the calibre of those participating, we use our own specialist teams to recruit them. Critical RSM has been recruiting challenging B2B and B2C audiences to participate in a wide range of research projects for many years.

We regularly recruit respondents for traditional qualitative and ethnographic research – focus groups, executive depths, home trials, etc. – as well as for a range of on-line methods – on-line groups, bulletin boards, and web surveys (when a telephone recruit is needed first). Our experienced team is skilled at approaching and persuading all types of audience to participate and just as importantly our booking in system is proven to maximise turn out.