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Critical RSM provide superb web survey management.

We have been undertaking web surveys since 1999 using a variety of formats to access a wide range of audiences. We provide panel, captive audience, open access and pop up web surveys allowing us to interview a wide range of consumer and business audiences in UK and international markets.

Importantly, as expert researchers we design and manage web surveys professionally. Whether the sample comes directly from a client or from our competitive access to a range of UK and international panels, we bring research rigour to sampling, questionnaire and web design, and the management of the sample in field. We also undertake independent quality control regardless of the sample source.

We recognise that flexibility of approach is often important in designing the most effective study. Our knowledge of UK and international panels means we can select the most appropriate to best meet our client’s target or to maximise the sample size when needed. And as our web surveys are fully integrated with our CATI surveys we regularly provide a mixed mode approach where this is beneficial.

Click here to see our web based survey demo highlighting our latest Flash® features.