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Case Studies

This is a small selection of recent case studies, introducing some of our local and international expertise in various sectors and types of research.

TNS UK – Corporate Customer Satisfaction for a Global Petrochemical Company

Research type: Customer Satisfaction; Sector: Industrial; Method: CATI; Audience: Fleet Managers of Large Companies; Geography: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Malaysia, Thailand.

TNS UK, working on behalf of a major Energy & Petrochemical company, commissioned RSM Market Research to conduct 1,200 CATI interviews across 8 markets.  Talking to the clients’ largest corporate customers, we conducted 20-minute interviews in local languages using our pool of experienced B2B interviewers.  The objectives of this project were to develop a customer satisfaction programme aiming to understand the relationship that the client has with the key decision makers in the most profitable corporate segment.  Using Askia CATI in all markets, fieldwork was completed within three weeks with verbatim translations of open ended questions, full coding and clean SPSS data files provided.

RS Components
– Website Evaluation

Research type: Website Evaluation; Sector: Industrial; Method: Web Labs/Groups/On-line Audience: Engineers; Geography: Global.

RS Components, a major components distributor, commissioned us to advise on a strategic upgrade of one of its key websites. We designed a multi-method study to ensure that current perceptions of users and potential users formed a critical input into the upgrade plan. An initial qualitative phase – comprising a mix of observed website testing and evaluation followed by focus group discussions – generated considerable insight and input into a large scale international on-line survey. The final presentation delivered a clear preference for a specific mock up plus a wealth of specific suggestions for structure, navigation, content and image.

Grant Thornton – Risk and Anti-Corruption Research

Research type: Thought Leadership; Sector: Finance; Method: SMARTCall/CATI; Audience: Senior Finance Professionals; Geography: UK

RSM Market Research conducted research on behalf of Grant Thornton’s Forensic and Investigation Services practice investigating the views of the UK’s largest companies about issues relating to corruption risk and anti-corruption legislation. 16 SMARTCall discussions and 150 quantitative interviews were conducted with senior executives with responsibility for corruption risk or anti-corruption related matters. The research provided Grant Thornton with insightful market information used to support business development activities, create PR content and help establish Grant Thornton as a thought leader on current corporate corruption and fraud issues and trends.

DRG – Hydraulics Market Assessment for Engineering Manufacturer

Research type: Market; Sector: Pharmaceutical; Method: CATI; Audience: Retail Pharmacists; Geography: UK, Europe, China, Asia Pacific.

Working with US full service agency DRG and on behalf of one of the world's leading engineering manufacturers, we conducted 1,600 interviews across UK, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, India, China & South Korea speaking to Hydraulics and Pneumatics users in Engineering and Manufacturing companies. Utilising our remote CATI solution, we were able to conduct telephone screening of over 10,000 companies in total and to complete fieldwork to a relatively short schedule.

AMC – Conjoint Research for Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Research type: Conjoint; Sector: Pharmaceutical; Method: Web Survey (CATI Recruit); Audience: Pharmacists; Geography: UK, Europe, China, Asia Pacific.

RSM Market Research completed an on-line conjoint study with independent and chain pharmacists in three major markets. Working from both supplied sales rep call lists and published directory sources, we contacted relevant pharmacists by phone to recruit them to a 45 minute online conjoint study. 625 online interviews were completed in each of the US and Russia and 350 in India, spread by geographic and outlet type quota. All CATI recruitment and online conjoint programming and hosting was completed by ourselves with extensive open ended questioning provided in both local and English language as verbatim text. Our ability to combine phone and online surveys on the same platform meant that successfully screened and recruited respondents were able to be tracked and recalled to maximise online participation.

Get Safe On-line – Risk and Anti-Corruption Research

Research type: Attitude & Opinion; Sector: ICT/Technology; Method: SMARTCall/CATI; Audience: IT security professionals; Geography: UK

Get Safe Online (an online resource, jointly sponsored by the government and private sector companies, providing practical advice to businesses on cyber security) commissioned us to help explore the attitudes and experiences of UK SMEs in regards to IT security including virus protection, online fraud and mobile data security. A robust and representative sample 502 telephone interviews were completed and results weighted to ONS statistics for UK SME businesses. Our approach also included 16 follow up SMARTCall interviews to explore quantitative findings in greater depth.

RS Components
– Global Brand Study

Research type: Brand; Sector: Industrial; Method: CATI; Audience: Components market; Geography: Global.

RS Components, a major components distributor, wished to understand perceptions of its brand across a wide range of global markets. We designed a study to research almost 10,000 B2B users and potential users of RS’ services around the world. Reporting was to board level and RSM Market Research applied its Brand Journey model to the data as part of the insight delivered. 23 markets were included in the study, including western and central Europe, China, India, Asia Pacific and Scandinavia, and a CATI methodology employed; the vast majority of markets were completed using our international CATI centre.