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Critical RSM has a long track record of successfully interviewing the public
– at home and around the world.

We choose from a wide range of methods and sample sources to provide the most effective approach to interviewing the public – whether as consumers, citizens, or local government residents – for a wide range of clients.

We provide on-line, CATI, mobile, SMARTCall, and urban interviewing, and have developed close partnerships with both on-line and off-line sample providers to ensure cost effective access to both nationally representative and highly targeted sample.

We’re able to provide international on-line panel surveys through our network of local and global panel providers and cost effective CATI surveys, using either our in-house London CATI centre our network of local international CATI partners who work remotely on our central platform.

We’re particularly well regarded for being able to research high net worth individuals and for being able to interview the public about sensitive matters – financial, legal, health, etc.