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We understand the challenges
that research with Healthcare Professionals can present.

We regularly conduct international studies with GPs/PCPs, Dentists, Pharmacists and a range of Specialists such as Cardiologists, Radiologists and Surgeons. We can find the appropriate respondents across Life Sciences and Laboratory Researchers as well as Hospital Administrators and Payors.

Because we are not tied to any single online panel Critical RSM can use our years of experience to locate quality local sample around the world. We can centrally programme and host online studies and provide a single point of contact for the most challenging global projects.

Our telephone research capabilities support Healthcare CATI only projects or customised phone recruitment to online. Phone can be an effective way to conduct Detail Follow Up’s from client supplied sample or targeted customer satisfaction with Healthcare Professionals.

Our SMARTCall team can also conduct semi structured or depth interviews across Europe and recruit to online and offline Healthcare Professional groups